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Event: Spring harvest!
Dear friends! Now it's the time to summon and grow a Young Squash! Double-click on a Squash Seed or Cloned Squash Seed in your inventory to summon a Young Squash. Help the Young Squash grow by using Nectar on it. To do this, target the Young Squash and right-click on Nectar in your...
13 March, 2019
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Change of Heart event! + Party EXP bonus!
Dear friends! February 14th... Time of Love!!! We couldn't skip this holiday and happy to announce Change of Heart event! Every monster will drop 1 of 9 puzzle pieces. Gather all of them, bring complete puzzle to NPC Orion the Cat. The event begins on February 1, and hearts will stop dr...
02 February, 2019
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Special accessories for castle owners!
????First Castle Sieges: ???? ???? 2-3 February 2019 ???
15 January, 2019
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Successful start!
12 January, 2019
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Grand Opening!
Hello! 1 hour left to Grand Opening!   We recommend you to download the necessary files before start, we've made some changes in patch. Live patch / Updater ?? I also remind you that we have blocked the ability to change these files: interface.u / Interface.xdat / l2.bin If you cant...
11 January, 2019
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Grand Opening! - 11 January 2019!
Shire [x5] Grand Opening: 11 January at 20:00 (CET / GMT +1)! How to check CET time?? We are glad to announce that our project its gonna be live on 11 January! We recommend you to download the necessary files before start and update your Interlude game client. In addition, if you intend to make p...
08 January, 2019
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Open Beta Test- Shire [x5]
Dear friends! Beta server launch time: December 5th, 2018, 20:00 GMT + 1 We are glad to invite you to take part in this event to take a closed look on server's conception, its features etc. To take part in testing you will need: Create account Download files Important info:...
03 December, 2018
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