Low population
July 16, 2018

Due to low population (< 15 users online) [x5] server has been turned off.
Thank you all for 5 months with us, it was a great time!
we will come back stronger!

Best Regards,
L2Mordor Team

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[x5] New Player Bonus
Starting from tomorrow, new players will receive: - free teleports under 40 lvl. 26.02: - Newbie Rune ( Newbie Rune boost your exp/sp/adena by 10 percent. ) - Newbie Buffer 25-> 40lvl Have fun!
25 February, 2018
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[x5] Grand Opening!
Dear L2Mordor players! The Black Gates of Mordor are now open! - JOIN NOW Congratulations to all on the successful opening of the Interlude [x5] server. Starting online more than 1600 players! Join, if not yet with us!
16 February, 2018
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[x5] Open Beta Test
Dear friends! Open Beta Test (OBT) of Interlude [x5] is opened! We are glad to invite you to take part in this event to take a closed look on server's conception, its features etc. OBT going to be closed at 10 February. To take part in testing you will need: Create account Download...
30 June, 2017
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