[x5] New Player Bonus
February 25, 2018

Starting from tomorrow, new players will receive:
- free teleports under 40 lvl.
- Newbie Rune ( Newbie Rune boost your exp/sp/adena by 10 percent. )
- Newbie Buffer 25-> 40lvl

Have fun!

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New Server! [Shire x5]
  Dear L2Mordor players, We have good news for those who have been thinking about the new interlude server! the new server will start this winter! It will be classic Interlude concept, with some simple idea, which makes gameplay more comfortable. In our plans provide you New Events,...
01 November, 2018
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Low population
Due to low population (< 15 users online) [x5] server has been turned off. Thank you all for 5 months with us, it was a great time! we will come back stronger! Best Regards, L2Mordor Team
16 July, 2018
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[x5] Grand Opening!
Dear L2Mordor players! The Black Gates of Mordor are now open! - JOIN NOW Congratulations to all on the successful opening of the Interlude [x5] server. Starting online more than 1600 players! Join, if not yet with us!
16 February, 2018
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