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Event: Medal Collection
June 20, 2020

Dear friends!

we wanna brighten up your pastime in the game, and give you an opportunity to get small bonuses. So, we have a great news for you, new event "Glittering Medal"

Roy the Cat will trade your Medals for a prize of your choice:
Give your Glittering Medals to Winnie, and then you will have the opportunity to raise your collector's level.
The event will start on June 20 and will last until July 31. During this time you can collect Medals and Glittering medals which will drop from various mobs.

Good luck!

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Grand Opening!
Rohan [x4] started successfully! Right now there's over 1800 online players waiting for you to join them in this amazing winter adventure. JOIN, IF NOT YET WITH US! If you're new to the community, join the L2Mordor Discord server to chat with other players and staff!
15 January, 2021
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10 days left until our Grand Opening
10 days left until our Grand Opening Website: Discord:
05 January, 2021
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OBT - Rohan [x4]
  Dear friends! OBT will be available tonight! We are glad to invite you to take part in this event to take a closed look on server's conception, its features etc. To take part in testing you will need: Create account Download files Important info: OBT...
13 December, 2020
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