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Gondor is 2 months old!
March 18, 2020


I am proud to announce that Gondor is 2 months old with stable online and new players every day!

I would like to thank all players and all clans for spending their time here and for the help they give us every day.

We banned over 500 bots in total! ( Jail 300+ / SmartGuard 200+)

We have players from all over the world!

Some important information, just to remind you:

Gondor is permanent server. Meaning it will never reset!
Once your character is created, it will be with you forever!

Will Gondor shut down/reset at some point?
No, with our online and stability reputation of Shire, which has now been online for almost a year without a single reset, I can safely ensure you all that Gondor will NEVER go down or reset!
The only thing we require: at least 30 players per week.

Will Gondor make updates to Gracia/ H5 at some point?
No, this is something people seem to be very confused with.
Gondor is special, and it was already from the beginning, the only changes we will make are the refreshed interface.

Thanks again, I hope the server lasts 10 years or more!

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Change of Heart event!
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Gondor [x4] has just started successfully!
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