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Change of Heart event!
February 08, 2020

Dear friends!

February 14th... Time of Love!

We couldn't skip this holiday and happy to announce Change of Heart event!
Every monster will drop 1 of 9 puzzle pieces.
Gather all of them, bring complete puzzle to NPC Orion the Cat.

The event begins on February 7, and hearts will stop dropping on February 25. NPC will remain in the villages until February 29.

You can find more information talking to "Orion the Cat" NPC.

Good luck!

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Gondor is 2 months old!
Hello, I am proud to announce that Gondor is 2 months old with stable online and new players every day! I would like to thank all players and all clans for spending their time here and for the help they give us every day. We banned over 500 bots in total! ( Jail 300+ / SmartGuard 200+) htt...
18 March, 2020
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Gondor [x4] has just started successfully!
Dear L2Mordor players! Gondor [x4] has just started successfully! Right now there's over 1800 online players waiting for you to join them in this amazing winter adventure. We are glad that you are with us! JOIN, IF NOT YET WITH US! If you're new to the community, join...
17 January, 2020
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