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Grand Opening! - 11 January 2019!
January 08, 2019

Shire [x5]
Grand Opening: 11 January at 20:00 (CET / GMT +1)!
How to check CET time??

We are glad to announce that our project its gonna be live on 11 January!
We recommend you to download the necessary files before start and update your Interlude game client.
In addition, if you intend to make purchases in-game store, think about adding funds on your account before start - there may be delays and mistakes on the part of the payment systems due to DDOS attacks.

How to connect:
1. Download Lineage2 Interlude Client -
2. Install game in your PC.
3. Download L2Mordor System- new patch soon!
4. Extract and replace system in Lineage 2 Game Folder. ( C:Programs FilesLineage II )
5. Launch l2.exe from inside the /system folder and enjoy your game.
6. Create game account -

Donation and nick reservation is available in the panel:

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Special accessories for castle owners!
⚔️First Castle Sieges: ⚔️ ➡️ 2-3 February 2019 ⬅️
15 January, 2019
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Successful start!
12 January, 2019
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Grand Opening!
Hello! 1 hour left to Grand Opening!   We recommend you to download the necessary files before start, we've made some changes in patch. Live patch / Updater ​ I also remind you that we have blocked the ability to change these files: interface.u / Interface.xdat / l2.bin If you cant...
11 January, 2019
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